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All Things Growth

Feb 22, 2022

Do you know where to find and market to your ideal customers? Today we are talking to April Rassa about her experience as a CMO and finding her customers where they are in today’s ever-changing world.


April Rassa is the VP, Product Marketing and Content at HackerOne. She started her career at a leading marketing agency, helping global brands develop communication strategies and brand stories. From there, she transitioned in-house and broadened her skill sets in GTM planning, competitive analysis, messaging workshops, and product strategies. April has extensive hands-on experience in developing go-to-market strategies for B2B SaaS businesses. She's built high-performance teams that led to four acquisitions with Cisco, Google, JP Morgan, and Box.

Top reasons to listen to this episode:

  • Discover who should own the go-to-market strategy (12:42)
  • Uncover the importance of understanding your ideal customer profile (32:29)
  • Finding your ideal audience in today’s world (38:48)

Are you doing the correct research to find your ideal customers where they are? We love feedback and would love to know more about your strategy and how your organization comes together! Come share with us on social media!

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Resources Mentioned:

Influence by Robert Cialdini 


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