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All Things Growth

Mar 12, 2024

Do you ever wonder if the relentless pursuit of website traffic and SEO optimization might be a misplaced effort in today's marketing landscape? Maybe you've seen high-profile advertising campaigns gain virality but fail to convert into meaningful sales and wondered where they went wrong. In this episode, John Miller, a pioneer in content marketing, joins Christina to challenge the overvalued emphasis on SEO and argue for trust-building at scale over sheer traffic numbers.

This episode is for you if you're a marketer seeking to navigate the uncertainties of modern marketing and want to learn how to make bold, informed decisions that resonate with your audience and build lasting relationships in the B2B sector.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn why building trust at scale is crucial for successful marketing, especially in B2B and enterprise products, and how focusing solely on traffic may undermine this trust.

  • Dive into the conversation about the tension that often exists between sales and marketing departments, especially regarding lead readiness and the importance of collaboration for better lead conversion.

  • Discover John Miller’s concept of courageous marketing, with its four pillars, and how to apply these principles to be bold and stand firm in marketing decisions during uncertain times.


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Playing It Safe Sucks: A Manifesto for Courageous Marketing.


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