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All Things Growth

Alignment: It’s Not Just for Planets Anymore with Derek Osgood

Jul 26, 2022

Have you ever planned to launch your product on stage (like Steve Jobs with the iPhone perfectly orchestrated and massively distributed) only to have it fail miserably? If you don't have a real go-to-market strategy, keep listening...

Our guest in this episode is Derek Osgood. Derek is a former Silicon Valley marketing executive who spent over a decade leading and scaling marketing teams at rocket-fueled startups and brands such as PlayStation, Rippling, and BBVA.

Top reasons to listen to this episode:

  • Defining "go-to-market" (2:11)
  • Considering go-to-market strategies for launches (11:41)
  • The connection between fantasy novels and marketing (23:51)

Thanks to Derek's insights, we hope we've helped you think about your go-to-market strategies and processes in a new light.

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