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All Things Growth

From Cost Center to Revenue Center: Rethinking Creative Teams with Russ Somers

Aug 9, 2022

What are your thoughts on marketing strategy? Would you liken it to making a clay sculpture? Looking at analytics and data and then determining what was necessary – and what wasn't – made our guest realize how much marketing strategy is exactly like that. Interested? Then you should keep listening!

Today, we're joined by Lytho's CMO, Russ Somers. Russ is an experienced leader skilled in corporate marketing, demand generation, product marketing, and communication. His strategic vision is combined with analytical insight and excellent execution. Besides advising start-ups and mentoring other marketers, Russ tries to impact the world positively.

Top reasons to listen to this episode:

  • Defining and thinking about go-to-market (19:46)
  • Uncover the importance of showcasing your benefits and values (27:44)
  • Rethinking go-to-market strategies to achieve predictable revenue and growth (30:41)

We hope our conversation with Russ inspired you to think about your marketing strategy and how it's like math and magic. Hopefully, you can appreciate both and recognize your marketing strengths.

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