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All Things Growth

May 9, 2023

Have you ever read a job description for a CMO that started off great, but turned out to be a little rocky? It may have said they wanted you to run strategy, which is great! But then did it add on tasks that aren't part of the responsibilities of a CMO? A good CMO is not here to do tactical work, they are here to do strategic work. My guest, Brett Schklar, focuses a lot on fractional CMOs and works with growth phase CEOs, CROs, and entrepreneurs.
Top reasons to listen to the entire episode:
  1. There is an assumption that because product market fit exist the market come to you, but this is not a good, sustainable or predictable method of ensuring goals are met.
  2. Think big! Not just annual revenue.
  3. Marketing should own revenue, but more importantly predictable revenue growth and VALUATION of the company
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