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All Things Growth

Aug 8, 2023

Is your brand struggling to create conversations that connect with your ideal customer? You may be thinking of doing a rebrand. But you see, rebranding is not always the answer. Most of the time, it's the realignment of your messaging. In this episode, Kate DiLeo joins us to talk about how to sharpen and simplify the brand messaging to open pathways to actual dialogue that converts.


Top reasons to listen to the entire episode:

  • Find out how to build a brand that drives tangible results.

  • Discover how to move away from ineffective storytelling and start making brand conversations. 

  • Learn to set the stage for a team conversation and relationship building.


Full Show Notes Here!


Mentioned Resources

Muting the Megaphone: Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations by Kate DiLeo


Connect with Kate DiLeo:



Connect with Christina Del Villar





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